wetstock inventory automation

The Importance of Wetstock Inventory Automation

Whether conducted manually or using wetstock inventory automation systems, wetstock management refers to keeping track of fuel movement. Fuel management systems are necessary for forecourts, depots, mines, and any facility that stores fuel.

A reliable wetstock management system is essential for keeping track of fuel variance and loss. These metrics simplify identifying theft, leaks, or other issues that affect your profit and business practices.


Types of Fuel Management Systems


There are two systems used to monitor wetstock and fuel movement.


Manual Tank Dipping

As the term suggests, this involves manual management. Employees must physically dip the tanks to establish an opening inventory quantity. This is recorded, as are any deliveries and sales throughout the day. A wetstock reconciliation is done at certain time intervals.


Manual wetstock reconciliation resembles accounting transactions in that two sets of calculations must balance. Human error can occur anywhere throughout the manual management process, making it unreliable and inefficient.


Wetstock Inventory Automated Storage Readings

Computerised fuel management systems use installed probes and stationary Automated Tank Gauges (ATG). These devices eliminate the risk of human error in the process.


Issues with Manual Fuel Management Systems

Manual wetstock management is a perfectly acceptable method of monitoring fuel movement. However, there are several dangers associated with it that could cost business owners valuable revenue.


1. No Access to Real-Time Tank Information

Manual reconciliation requires extensive and time-consuming calculations. There is no possibility of accessing real-time tank data. Should a theft or leak occur, it may only be detected weeks or months later, if at all. Wetstock inventory automation gives you access to live tank readings. Often, these systems also alert you immediately if a leak is detected.


With TLS Express system, you can access real-time tank information from anywhere using your cell phone.


2. Fuel Runouts

A further concern with recording errors and no access to immediate information is the possibility of fuel runouts. When fuel tanks on-site run empty, your business pays in loss of revenue.

An automated system lets you predict when re-stocking is required and effectively avoids fuel runouts.


3. Employees’ Safety is at Risk

Manual wetstock management requires employees to dip fuel storage tanks physically. This exposes them to hazardous fuel vapours. Taking manual stick measurements is typically done in the early morning or late at night to reduce interruptions. Employees also run the risk of being run over if there is no proper illumination.


Wetstock inventory automation does not require physical measurement by an employee. Probes installed in the tank provide constant, accurate real-time readings.


4. Errors in Data Handling

Where people are responsible for data collection, human error is inevitable. There are several points at risk of data handling errors with manual fuel management systems. An employee may misread the dipstick, record the reading wrong or make a calculation mistake.

Automated systems read, record, and reconcile your wetstock inventory without human influence.


Wetstock Inventory Automation with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s TLS-Express

This commercial bundle consists of an industry-leading Gilbarco Veeder-Root's Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) and probes to give you direct access to critical tank information. Access fuel volume, ullage space, and temperature without disrupting your site operations.


There is no need to wait for manual dipping anymore, with our field-proven technology that provides best-in-class performance, quality, and reliability.


TLS Express Bundle Options

The TLS Express Bundle is available in three options.

  1. All options include automated wetstock inventory at the site with remote access.
  2. The Level 2 option also has water monitoring capability.
  3. The Level 3 option has all of the capabilities of Level 2, with a LCD display on the gauge and Static Leak Detection (SLD).



Significant annual savings can be gained with the TLS Express Bundle in comparison to manual dipping. Payback of the TLS Express Bundle is typically less than 12 months from installation. Retail fuelling operations using manual dipping for inventory management lose revenue every year due to operational inefficiencies that cannot be recouped.


Eradicate your manual wetstock management issues and get peace of mind with TLS Express Inventory Automation Solution.




Oluwaseun Kolawole

Oluwaseun Kolawole

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