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DataFLEX360 Cloud-Based Fuel Management Reporting System

Do You Need a Centralised Cloud-Based Fuel Management Reporting System?

The Importance of Good Fuel and Fleet Management

Industrial and commercial operations rely heavily on fuel. It is not a cheap commodity, so tracking where it is going is essential. This makes having a solid fuel management reporting system critical. 


Fuel management reports assist you in identifying anomalies and taking corrective measures. These reports help you to predict and anticipate future needs. They also draw your attention to any inefficiencies, theft, or loss.


Gilbarco Veeder-Root dataFLEX360 Fuel Management Reporting System

Managing fuel in large industrial applications requires that monitor various levels of its use. From delivery to ensuring the efficiency of fleet vehicles, any information gathered helps to optimise fuel use.


Consolidating these various aspects is cumbersome and time-consuming. Our dataFLEX360 cloud solution simplifies fuel management reporting. It is a cloud-based fuel management reporting platform which gives you a single view across all sites.


Here are some features the dataFLEX360 solution has to give you a holistic view of your operation.

Integrated Fuel and Fleet Management Reporting

This reporting platform draws information from your various on-site systems and presents it to you in one place. The cloud-based system has an open architecture design allowing it to integrate with your current systems easily.

DataFLEX360’s multiple dashboards let you define and separate different functions for easy use. There is no need for complex reporting environments, and you can customise the platform to your preference.


The fuel management reporting system aligns with independently set industry standard tolerances.
By pulling all your data together, our system quickly identifies anomalies from these. This lets you implement targeted measures to combat exceptions such as loss or abuse.


Integrated Dashboard and Drill Down Capability

As with any platform, a positive user experience lies in the ability to customise it. Our dashboard widgets let you set the system up to fit your needs. This reduces complex reporting, and the time it takes you to pull reports.

You can combine any operational data into a simple overview highlighting important data and exceptions.

Wetstock Management

Wetstock management is possibly the most crucial aspect to monitor in fuel operations. DataFLEX360 monitors multiple products and sites, so you know what is happening everywhere.

The fuel management reporting system draws hourly tank level updates and immediate updates you on tank alarms. Centralising all of your data gives you better control and reduces your HSSE risk.


Automated Delivery Control

Fuel delivery can be a tricky business. Using dataFLEX360, you can ensure that you only pay for what you get.

The system generates an electronic delivery ticket per delivery which displays within 15 minutes of completion. This means you know precisely what has gone into the tank. Electronic tickets also mean you can receive fuel without an attendant.

Comprehensive Fleet Functionality

Your fleet needs to be monitored as a whole to promote maximum fuel efficiency. A fuel management reporting system needs to take this into account.

Our cloud-based solution monitors your vehicles from the inside out. It informs you when vehicles need preventative maintenance or inspections and alerts you to events. Having your fleet data close at hand in an easy-to-use interface lets you determine trends and faults.

OEM Interfaced

DataFLEX360 connects electronically with OEM servers, telematics and onboard systems. This gives you quick activation with little financial output and reduces your TCO using existing systems. Putting your fuel and telemetry data together gives you a more transparent overview of your operations.

Simplify Your Fuel Operation Reporting

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s dataFLEX360 cloud-based fuel management reporting system is the ideal option for integrating your operational data. It combines fuel, fleet, production, and external data for a single view of your entire operation. Take the complexity out of your mining, home-base or depot reporting.

Get real-time reporting with centralised data using Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s dataFLEX360 fuel management reporting system


Oluwaseun Kolawole

Oluwaseun Kolawole

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