Tap 'n Fuel

Tap ‘n Fuel: The Re-Imagined Solution to Managing Your Fleet Fuel Payment

At a time when our society is just recovering from scars created by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the global business world is thrown into the chaos of fuel price hike due to the conflict in Europe.


South Africa is not an exception. As at the time of this publication, fuel price went up by 1.31% on Petrol Unleaded 93, 1.67% on Petrol Unleaded 95, and 7.85% on Diesel 500ppm. These increases exclude what you spend on your overheads and more, so how do you stay profitable as a small and medium business owner?


Running a business on a day to day basis is enough a headache, worrying about your fuel spend shouldn’t be one of them, in fact you shouldn’t have to worry about how the money budgeted for fuel is spent.


Gilbarco Veeder-Root MEA introduces the 1st free to use fleet fuel payment solution in South Africa

Gilbarco Veeder-Root MEA operating company launches a most innovative product for the South African market; the country’s first FREE to use, cashless, pre-paid fleet fuel payment solution called Tap ‘n Fuel.


Tap ‘n Fuel is designed to help business owners with small to medium fleet manage and track their fleet fuel spending, using simplified NFC-enabled “tap and go” technology connected to a pre-paid e-wallet. This service is available at any participating Shell Service Station across South Africa.


Simple, Reliable and Convenient

Tap ‘n Fuel is developed to be your reliable fleet fuel payment manager and solid business partner on the go.

Because spending most of your time on critical activities instead of worrying about fleet fuel payment is essential to the growth of your business, we have designed Tap ‘n Fuel with the mindset of giving you, the small business owner, fleet owner, fleet manager or the person responsible for fleet activities, a simple, reliable and convenient way to your refueling payment processes.


How To Get Started in 7 Easy Steps



Getting started with Tap ‘n Fuel can’t be easier; all you need is a smartphone and NFC stickers. No upfront costs or capital expenditures on expensive hardware, which saves you the time-consuming, often tedious discussions with your financial department for approval… we know the hassle.


With the simplified technology of near-field communication, we equip you with NFC stickers that are durable, easy to apply and eliminate the need to drop your vehicles at site for installation. No downtime to forecast: gear-up while maintaining your fleet up and running.


Follow the subsequent easy steps and get started today:

  1. Download Tap ‘n Fuel Mobile App from Apple AppStore or Google Play Store
  2. Register with your company details and verify your email address
  3. Fund your pre-paid e-wallet via PayFast or EFT. You will only be able to activate your account if you have funded your pre-paid wallet.
  4. Load your vehicles to your account to order your NFC stickers for door-to-door delivery
  5. Receive your NFC stickers with a step-by-step onboarding handbook
  6. Attach the NFC stickers to the inside of your vehicles’ windscreens, and link to e-wallet in the app
  7. Locate your nearest participating Shell authorized reseller with the app integrated Site Finder and refuel your fleet in a matter of Taps.

When your fleet arrives at a participation Shell service station anywhere in South Africa, the attendant taps your vehicle’s NFC sticker with the service station’s handled financial terminal, identifying the vehicle and checking your pre-paid wallet balance. If all is good, the fuel transaction is authorized, and your driver can gas up the amount required.


The Tap ‘n Fuel mobile app is recommended to be set up and configured by the owner or administrator of the business to link the fleet to NFC stickers and gain access to the fleet fuel spend through built-in, interactive, and transparent dashboards. All on the Tap ‘n Fuel mobile app.


It is time you focus on your core business and let Tap 'n Fuel handle your fleet fuel spend.


Click Here to Get Started.

Oluwaseun Kolawole

Oluwaseun Kolawole

Oluwaseun Kolawole is the Inbound Marketing Lead for Gilbarco Veeder-Root Middle East and Africa. He has more than 8 years' experience in the Digital Marketing and Content arena.