The Benefits of Linking and Automating Forecourt Equipment and Software

The Benefits of Linking and Automating Forecourt Equipment and Software

Streamlining Forecourt POS, BOS and Reporting


As the world transitions into a digitally run era, all industries are expected to evolve to serve the fast-paced and instant gratification demands, and this includes the energy sector. Digital automation that streamlines processes and makes your forecourt reduce service time and become more efficient is a must.

At Gilbarco Veeder-Root we understand that taking the leap of linking and automating forecourt equipment and software can feel intimidating and risky. That’s why we have used this article to put your mind at ease and unpack the benefits of streamlining your forecourt POS, BOS and Reporting using intelligent technology.


Introducing Ligo: The Heart of the Fuel Station

Ligo is a fuel point of sale (POS) tool that enables site-to-cloud real-time management and visibility of wetstock management, sales, and operations. It provides you with one smart and easy-to-use solution to efficiently control your:


  • Back Office System (BOS) – Convenient management of customer accounts, employee shifts, wetstock functions and more.
  • Point of Sale (POS) – Real-time status and control of tanks and dry item sales.
  • Reporting - Live view on station operations, sales, inventories, shifts etc.

Ligo is the heart of the fuel station, providing a complete and secure site management package that runs on DOMS FCC hardware. It covers all aspects of site operations in real-time and is suited for any operation model: COCO, DODO, & CODO, as well as any business logic. It is an an embedded Fuel POS/BOS within the DOMS PSS 5000 forecourt controller and is accessible from any web-enabled device.


In the interest of being certain that our clients will receive all the benefits we unpack in this article, we will base them directly on LIGO’s features.


Improve Operational Efficiencies

By investing in intelligent POS system, you and your staff get the benefit of being able to monitor site activity. Your team can complete their duties from the back office or kiosk without having to physically access the forecourt.

This allows your team to be more productive in their day-to-day activities at the forecourt and saves you from paying exorbitant amounts on overtime or recruiting extra help.

Forecourt automation also helps you to detect and reduce fuel losses, ensure maximised uptime and help you pinpoint where you need to improve productivity.


Real-Time Management and Visibility of Your Forecourt

Automating forecourt equipment and software on a cloud-based solution, like LIGO, allows you the benefit of accessing your system from any smart device.
This enables the opportunity for real-time view and management of your network’s wetstock processes, sales, and operations. Giving you the chance to act in the moments when it matters most.


Be Proactive to Events On-Site

Intuitive user interfaces provide you with the ability to respond quickly to events on-site. This can apply to monitoring pump activity, quickly making changes to grade prices and much more.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has ensured that the user interfaces in Ligo are simple and intuitive. This minimises training time and allows you and your staff to access features quickly.

Maximise Revenues

Linking and automating forecourt equipment and software instantly improves productivity and the time it takes for customers to refuel, pay and leave. Faster turn-around time opens up the opportunity to receive more customers in a day and make more profit.

An intelligent system like Ligo also provides the reporting and functionality you need to quickly identify stock losses and make configuration changes quickly and efficiently which directly impacts your bottom line.

Improve Staff Experience and Moral

With forecourt equipment and software provided with LIGO, you can configure a wide range of operating modes for your site. It offers customised modes and user experience, while still controlling your site and protecting your stock.

By setting up your personalised processes and navigation with your staff’s requests in mind, you improve their overall experience. This leads to improved morale, employee loyalty, and overall productivity.

Automated Tracking and Reporting

Intelligent forecourt POS solutions should offer you value-add reporting functions.

Ligo gives you access to a wealth of data to figure out the performance of your site. It provides you and your employees with comprehensive reports. Meaning you always have the information and insights needed to facilitate achieving KPIs or improving performance.

Get an Extra Expert Team at Your Side

When streamlining your stations’ POS, BOS and Reporting by linking and automating your forecourt equipment and software, pick a partner that places immense importance on helping you achieve great results.

A benefit Gilbarco Veeder-Root feels is important is that all clients are set up to succeed. So, when you choose Ligo, you get an extra experienced team at your disposal when you need training or extra help or advice.

Ligo is also fully integrated with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Retail Head Office, which allows forecourt to cloud real-time management and visibility according to the operational model of the site. If you face any issues, we are a message or phone call away.


Confidently Join the Future of Forecourt Management

The transition into linking and automating forecourt equipment and software may be daunting, but the benefits far outweigh the fears. Especially when you choose Ligo POS to facilitate you in this leap.

With thousands of installations in the field, Ligo has proven itself to be a reliable and robust POS and wetstock management application for managing diverse networks of retail petroleum sites. As an added benefit, it is scalable to C-Store POS if required.


Learn more about how Ligo can improve your business process and bottom line.  Click to learn more about Ligo