TLS Express Inventory Solution!

The TLS Express Inventory Solution retrofits into existing sites and automates your wet stock inventory management process, eliminating paper slips, emails, and text messages. It gives you real time visibility to fuel inventory from anywhere.

Benefits of this bundle

  • Protect your assets: TLS Express Inventory Solution, which consists of an industry leading Gilbarco Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) and probes to give you direct access to critical tank information.

  • Increase efficiency with remote connectivity: Whether you need to remotely access or configure your automatic tank gauge from a computer, or you want to check fuel inventories and alarms from your cell phone or tablet, the connectivity features needed to get the job done come standard.
  • Lower total cost of ownership: The Gilbarco Veeder-Root Direct Burial Cable System brings the reliability of a wired tank gauge to stations at an economical price.

To learn more about how TLS Express Inventory bundle can help your business bottom line, fill the form to download the brochure.