Step Up Your Wetstock Monitoring Operation

7 Expert-Recommended Methods to Streamline Fuel Management.


A well-designed on-site wetstock management system can help you gather the data you need to make smart decisions.  With careful preparation, knowledge, and system implementation, you can manage your wetstock more easily and accurately than ever before.


This will reduce your risks, leading to greater fuel efficiency, money saving, environmental protection and efficient time management. At Gilbarco Veeder-Root, we are proud to supply industry-leading equipment, software, and information to help companies grow and succeed.


That’s why we have taken a closer look into the importance of wetstock inventory automation. In this latest post, we provide you with 7 steps on how to improve your wetstock monitoring operations.


1. Gather and Analyse Historical Data

The first step in any effective wetstock monitoring program is to gather and analyse historical data. Data is the foundation of any good management system, and it can help you make better decisions.

The best place to start is by understanding what data you have available at this stage, whether it be from a previous program or from other sources. 
Once you have an overview of what’s already being collected, look at ways in which you could improve the quality or quantity of information available for analysis.


2. Visually Map the Configuration of Stock Tank Equipment

When you are monitoring your wetstock operations, it's important to know where all of the tanks are located and how they're configured. You can accomplish this by using maps as an easy reference to show:


  • How your stock tanks are configured (e.g. in a line or in an area).
  • Where the tank gauges are located (e.g. at each end).
  • Where the float tank is located (e.g. next to one or more other tanks or away from any other tanks).

This will support you in implementing the next step and ensuring efficient and cost-saving changes.

3. Analyse Losses by Site, Zone and Tank

The best way to reduce your losses is to understand where and how they occur. Use these points as the basis for your analysis:

  • Site – Which site are you looking at? Is it a single tank or multiple tanks?
  • Zone – Keep in mind that there may be significant differences between zones within a site. For example, water levels could be higher or lower in different parts of one tank or shed.
  • Tank – Are there any unique characteristics of individual tanks that make them more susceptible to loss? Larger tanks tend to have issues with evaporation from their roofs and walls, while smaller tanks may have more issues with leakage through seals when they are less than full (or if they become overfilled).

4. Specify That Data Collection is Relevant to Your Operations

Data quality is an important part of any business, and this is especially true when it comes to wetstock monitoring operations. The more accurate and relevant your data is, the better off you are. If your team collects bad or unreliable information, it can lead to inaccurate decisions about supply chain logistics and other business processes.

To ensure that you're collecting high-quality data, make sure that each employee understands what's expected from them. If a person is not producing useful information during their shift on site, they likely do not know how or why this particular piece of information needs to be collected. Accurate data is required for management tools such as inventory management systems and supply chain management software platforms to work correctly at a later stage.

Or better yet, invest in an automatic tank gauge. It will help you reclaim vital hours in your day with a time-saving machine of choice for petrol retailers.
The latest in Gilbarco Veeder-Root automation technology eliminates manual record-keeping, monitoring and reporting. This will free up more time for you to reinvest in your business and ensure that your data is as accurate as possible.


5. Invest in a Reliable Automatic Tank Gauge

An automatic tank gauge (ATG) is a system that is ideal for improved wetstock monitoring. It informs you of the volume of fluid in your tank, its temperature, if there has been contamination, and much more. When monitoring your wetstock, it is important to note these metrics so that you can determine if your stock has been affected by weather or other variables, such as humidity. You can therefore put effective measures in place.


Protect your site, environment and reputation with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s TLS4 Series Tank Gauges which offer a host of features to give you peace of mind. These include:

  • Leak detection
  • Range of sensors
  • Delivery verification
  • Automatic alerts

We have also made certain that our solutions are setting the industry standard in protecting data so our clients have even less to actively worry about. Our ATG solutions have:

  • Frequent software updates
  • Segmented networks
  • Customisable user access

Find out more about our Automatic Tank Gauging solutions

6. Continuously Measure the Density of your Fuel

A float tank installation kit is the best way to measure fuel density. The kit includes a special probe that measures the density of your liquid and sends it to a display device, like a computer or phone. You can place this probe in any container with enough room for it and use an app on your phone to read its data.


This provides you with real-time information about the content breakdown of your container.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root's MAG Plus Installation Float Kits provide a proven float technology system that meets the needs of industrial and commercial customers when it comes to their fluid-materials inventory. It will help ensure that you have the correct product, in the correct amounts, at the correct time.


Find out more about our float kits that are fit for a variety of fluids


7. Ensure that an Accurate In-Tank Leak Detection Measure is in Place

It's important that you invest in a reliable probe kit solution that can accurately read the data specific to your environment. 

Gilbarco Veeder-Root's Mag Plus Probe options use a proven leak detection algorithm that supports the increasing demand for reliable in-tank leak detection, assisting operators with their daily, monthly and yearly compliance management.

Our in-tank leak detection probes are the perfect solution to meet the challenging environments in industrial, commercial and retail applications, while also providing trouble-free performance in an array of liquid products.


Learn more about our innovative in-tank leak detection solutions


Simplify Your Fuel Operation Reporting


No matter what solution you choose, it needs to fit into your existing workflow and be able to collect accurate data from multiple sources. 

This will allow you to make more informed decisions about how best to use resources on-site, keeping everyone safe and productive!


For fuel management platforms and equipment that will aid your business growth, contact us today