Simple, speedy and secure.

efuel customers save an average of 14,9% on their fuel spend.

eFuel is an automated, card-free system to enable fuel purchase at participating retail service stations using Automatic Vehicle Identification technolgy that used RFID to securely refuel without cash or card payments.


How does eFuel compare to traditional Fuel Cards and other Manual Systems?

  • Vehicle itself is the method of payment
  • Vehicle must be on site at time of refueling
  • Fuel can ONLY go into tank of authorized vehicle.
  • Only correct fuel type will be dispensed.
  • Pre-authorisation of refueling transaction with eMpower.
  • Automated and independent odometer (eFuel eXtra)
  • A cost-intelligent solution with 24-hour troubleshooting. 

Download Our Case Study to learn more about fleet fuel savings of up to 15,54%.