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Commercial and Industrial Fuel Management Reporting with dataFLEX360

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Integrated fuel, fleet and asset reporting

Accurate, reliable, relevant and near real-time reporting is a critical success factor in delivering true value to our customers. dataFLEX360 is Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s integrated fuel, fleet and asset reporting platform, providing easy to use dashboards for all your commercial and industrial fuel management reporting needs.

  • Prevents theft and records any variations, notifying users.
  • Fully automated processes eliminate human intervention.
  • Integrates data from varied sources.
  • Provides visibility of stock in tank and deliveries.
  • Provides industry leading reconciliation, allowing consignment stock models.
  • Easy to use, getting info is intuitive, exporting is key.

Single view. Across all your sites.

Integrating fuel, fleet, production and other external data to create a “single pane of glass” view across the operation, dataFLEX360 provides for proactive corrective measures to reduce complex reporting environment with user-definable dashboards that allow for ease of use.

The core foundation of dataFLEX360 is reconciliation, ensuring solution accuracy with integrated dashboard widgets to incorporate data from various sources. Easily view and manage your mining wet stock, site and fleet operational data for your mining, home-base or depot site.

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Use of the Gilbarco Veeder-Root Fuel Management System results in a 28% reduction in fuel usage for Open Cast Platinum Mine.

dataFLEX360 Dashboards

Integrated Dashboards

Easy to use, graphical representation of data with summary to detail functionality

  • Combine fuel, fleet, production and other external data to create a simple management overview
  • Reduce complex reporting requirements
  • Highlight important operational data
  • Manage exceptions easily from a single dashboard
dataFLEX360 Reconciliation


Core foundation of dataFLEX360 is reconciliation, ensuring solution accuracy

  • Losses and abuse is identified early
  • Corrective actions highlighted and implemented
  • Exceptions drive targeted preventative maintenance
  • Reduces burden on customer to manage the solution
dataFLEX360 Fuel Stock Management

Fuel Stock Management

Immediate update of tank alarms to control and monitor multiple products and multiple sites with hourly updates on tank levels.

  • Centralised control of product can be achieved
  • Set warning levels and delivery levels
  • Alarms managed centrally, reducing risk
  • Water content monitored preventing engine damage
dataFLEX360 Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Multiple modules such as Preventative Maintenance, Inspections and Events

  • Single solution meets all fuel & fleet requirements
  • Easy to use interface combines relevant data for ease of reference
  • Compare data from various systems to determine trends and highlight exceptions
dataFLEX360 Equipment

Automated Delivery Control

Reduced solution total cost of ownership through utilisation of existing OEM technologies and data streams

  • Pay only for product received
  • Independent validation of OilCo bill
  • Eliminate product losses through temperature
  • Allows for unattended delivery
dataFLEX360 Trip Log

Fleet Functionality

Pair with AccuTrip+ for accurate vehicle readings independent of vehicle factors, allowing remote resetting to align to vehicle actuals.

  • Accurate operating hours, including idle hours and active hours
  • Shift start and end readings
  • Trip start and end readings
  • SARS compliant trip log reporting with geo-zone compliance

Complete control of your industrial and mining fuel operation

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Industrial and Mining Fuel Management Solutions provide expanded, end-to-end coverage of fuel operations at industrial or mining sites, from the tank, dispenser, bowser or tanker truck to the head office. Our tailored solutions provide fleet and site managers with the power and flexibility to manage their sites, control distribution, monitor fuel levels and report accurately at multiple sites and fleets from one central point.

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